Dyan Law Portrait


Dyan Law has held a lifelong interest in visual art.  One morning at age five, she gazed up at endless blank white walls and decided they would make fine murals; colors were selected from a box of brand new crayons for her special palette. A few hours later, she proudly displayed her masterpiece to the “world”.  These early “canvases” were the freshly painted hallways in the apartment building where she resided in Queens, New York. Her first obstacle to rather unconventional self-expression soon became apparent, after tearfully scrubbing colorful wax lines and shapes off the walls while the building superintendent glared. Her pride vanished almost as swiftly as an unsaved computer document.  She quickly learned there would be many more obstacles to overcome along the journey to become an accomplished artist.  She believes the key to expanding one’s inner resources is through endurance and acceptance of the ever-changing obstacles that occur in art and life; imagination develops naturally through a sequence of steps that lead to the true essence of the painting subject matter.  Dyan frequently alternates her painting subjects eager to remain “fresh” and sensitive to the wonder and attitude of each new figurative or landscape work.

At present, Dyan spends most days painting with oils and pastels.  Pure colors are placed boldly in the initial stage of her painting.  When dry, Dyan applies translucent glazes of “living” colors that seem to rise and fall in their intensity.  Influenced by the color theories of the early Realists and Impressionists, she paints intuitively with “meditative” strokes to reveal intrinsic colors, similar to the way an x-ray reveals bone structure unseen by the naked eye.  In addition, Dyan enjoys giving private instruction and workshops en plein air in Europe and in her studio/gallery, Skyview Art Studio, located behind her 1830’s home in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Studying martial arts for several years, Dyan learned additional ways of “extending” herself completely through practice and repetition, while keeping an open heart and mind.  She strives to rekindle (in herself and her students) the same pride and simplicity that once existed in them as children, before being compromised by boundaries.  Inspired by the words of accomplished artist/educator Robert Henri, Dyan quotes from the book, The Art Spirit, “In great art there is no beginning and end in time. All time is comprehended.”

Digital portrait of Dyan in her studio by Jim Civello, Lighthouse Images